We are a local Christian Family Church with a global heart.

The church started in Wrexham in 1987. The church was birthed with a strong desire to reach into the local community resulting in a number of people moving to the town. The church has continued to grow in strength over the years and has maintained a heart to reach Wrexham and the surrounding villages with the love of the Father, then further a field through missionaries and people who now live in other parts of the world but consider The Community Church home. We have included many expressions of the churches life in the website. If you would like to know a bit more about our meetings please look at the page “What to expect on Sunday”

 Here are a few things we aim to cultivate in the life of the church

Atmosphere of the church

Our desire is that the church is a safe place for each person to grow in their life in the Fathers love. The following are the key atmospheres of the church. If we all ensure these are in place in increasing measure we will become more fruitful in our life in the church.

Family Atmosphere

God himself is the Father of his family on earth. We look to reflect him on earth so there is a place for us no matter what stage of life we are in. We are creating a place were we can all belong and develop strong relationships with each other and support each other.

Welcoming Atmosphere

This is where everyone receives an equal welcome, we create a place where people are loved and accepted. This is something that we each learn to embrace and live where ever we are during the week.

We welcome the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the church gatherings.

Worshipping Atmosphere

Worship is central to our lives in God. We are all created to worship. A worshipper has given their whole lives to God; we see that everything we do is part of our worship to God. (Romans 12:1-2) 

Growing Atmosphere

A growing atmosphere is where we are all continually growing in our relationship with the Father and are begin challenged to fulfil the purposes of God in our lives. We believe that everybody has been created by God in a unique way with a unique destiny. We look to help each person fulfil their destiny. As part of this process we look for each person to have a safe place to know their heavenly Father, to deal with any life hurts and to be fully equipped to walk freely in life. 

 Generous Atmosphere

A Generous atmosphere is where we mirror the extravagance of God in all areas of our giving. We know that God’s extravagance was demonstrated when Jesus laid down his life for us. We are called to do the same. In practical terms this will include our time, money, love and friendship.

Supernatural Atmosphere

The fundamental calling of every believer is to daily walk in step with the Spirit.  We expect God to move supernaturally in our daily lives and in our corporate gatherings. We see that the gifts of the Spirit, miracles, signs and wonders were a normal part of the Christian life.