Midweek life of Church

We have a whole variety of different opportunities to be part of the life of the Church during the week.  This is a great way to meet people and to connect in different ways.  We are aware with the many different commitments that people have it is not always possible to join a weekly meeting.  We hope there is something that will suit everyone.

As well as the groups below many people are involved in other activities, reaching out to the community.  If there is an area that you are interested in getting involved in let us know and we will see if we can help you.  Some of the regular activities include; Street Pastors, Foodbank and the Pregnancy Crisis Centre.

If  you require more details of any of these activities contact the church office initially on 01978 291282

Which group do I choose?

If you are new to the church we would recommend the 'Introduction to Church life'.  We will help you find other groups you can join later.  If you have not done the 'Hearing God's Voice' or  'Encounter' these are great courses that last for 8 & 10 weeks.

Any doubts give us a call at the office.

How do I join?

If you know the person running the group please talk directly to them and they can give you all the details.  If you do not know the person please talk to one of the leadership or contact the office and we will make sure you are put in the right direction.

New Groups:

ENCOUNTER - Who’s the group for?  Everyone, you are welcome to do this course more than once!  This is an ideal group if you have recently become a Christian or just joined the Church.

Purpose: This teaching and its application have been foundational to helping many people take massive steps forward in their walk with God.  We look at the power of the cross; hearing God & how to be free and stay free. 

Please could you contact the Church office on 01978 291282 if you would like to do ‘Encounter’.

Achieving your Dreams – led by Nick Pengelly 

We are designed by God to have dreams about the future both small and the seemingly impossible. In this 7 week group we will start to identify your dreams from every area of life, learn to deal with the blockages, and plan paths to fulfilment.  If you are interested in this mid-week group please contact the office or chat with Nick Pengelly.  It will only run if there is a minimum of 4 people.


Ladies Monday Morning Coffee

Meeting every week in Sainsbury's Cafe at 10.30am - 11.30am.  All are welcome!

Young Adults – Led by Chris & Senga Shaw - For adults under 30, meeting every Monday evening at Chris & Senga Shaw’s home starting at 7.30 pm to 9 pm. 

We meet every Monday, we do lots of different things.  Remember if in doubt assume we are meeting, when there’s food we meet earlier and will let everyone know.  For more information please chat with Chris or Senga Shaw.


HOME GROUP - Ruabon/Chirk Midweek Group – Tuesday Evenings meeting at 8 - 9.30 pm

The Chirk home group meets at Daniel and Abi's home.  It is an open house invite to those that live in Ruabon and south (including Pen y Cae and Erbistock). We are a fluid group that talk about life then pray into it, this includes testimonies, prayer requests and general life as we develop relationships with each other and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Men's meeting every Tuesday Evening - led by Phil Arton

The Men's meeting meets every Tuesday at Phil and Mary Arton's home.  We start at 7.45pm for drinks and by 8pm we are down to business.  Generally we don't have an agenda set by Phil but we trust the Holy Spirit has a purpose for each week.  The following comments came from existing members: 

"It is a time of freedom and openness where I enjoy the fellowship."  "It is a safe place - we can share pretty much anything here without being judged." "We find encouragement and lots of love here, where relationships can be built."  "It stimulates my spiritual and emotional growth."  "I value exploring individual questions I am working on with the wider perspective and wisdom of the group."  "It is possible to hear Father God and other people without distraction and with time for reflection."

If you feel drawn to join us you will find us very welcoming.  Contact or talk to Phil Arton to express your interest.  The next meetings will be on 3rd, 17th & 31st October 2017.


Hosting the Presence - Book by Bill Johnson - Thursdays Afternoons 1pm to 2 pm at the Church offices.

This midweek group will intends to meet Thursday afternoons with the odd exception.

Nick Pengelly will be leading the bible study using the work book developed by Bill Johnson.

HOME GROUP - Wrexham Home Group - Meeting Fortnightly on Thursday at 7.30 pm

Meets fortnightly on a Thursday at 7.30 at Nick & Sue Lumbs home.  The Program is determined and led by the group – all welcome to contribute a variety of focus: spiritual, practical, physical, emotional, cultural, general interest, discussion – and of course food.  Everyone welcome to the family, and to drop in when they can.   

Please see Nick and Sue Lumb for more information or contact them on 01978 353971

‘Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life” by Marshall B Rosenberg – Study Led by Nick Lumb

Going through the book “Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life” The NVC sessions build on each other and will give a lot in return for committing to it.   

Worship Team – Thursday Evenings at 7.30 pm at The Church Building

This is for all those who serve as part of the Wrexham worship team.  This is a time to develop spiritually and technically in the area of serving the Church through the ministry of worship.

If you have a passion for worship and a skill that could help the team (from singing to operating PA!) then please contact Jodie Jones.   We are always looking to increase the group!


The Friday Walk Group

Is active every Friday whatever the weather, completing some 40 walks per year.   We can vary the difficulty depending on who is coming and are aiming to plan a mix of walks that will suit a range of abilities.   You do need walking boots and wet weather gear though God seems to have favoured us with generally clement weather.  The gentler walks will be a minimum of 3 hours though 4 hours is more typical.  Occasionally we tackle something more strenuous, like one of the mountains in Snowdonia.

We normally plan the walks within the school day leaving Wrexham about 9.30am and returning before 4pm.  Walking is great, healthy exercise and very sociable.  We have seen some beautiful parts of North Wales and Cheshire/Shropshire over the last 8 years.  Walks are usually 'new' - we rarely repeat exactly where we have been before so have great fun navigating and exploring new areas and overcoming the unforseen hazards that sometimes arise!.   If you are interested please see Phil Arton.


During the week we have many opportunities to pray which we call prayer houses, each group has a core number of people so please feel free to join in at any point, always welcome!

*Monday 12.30pm - 1pm at the Church Offices - Praying for our Church & Town; to decree the promises over our Church and to see the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our Church & Town 

Tuesday 9 - 10am at Mary Arton’s home - Prayer for the leadership of the Nation, the Government & the Royal Family & that the people will be ruled by a Christian leadership in the Nation.

Sunday 10am - 10.30am at the Church Building in crèche area - Praying for the morning meeting.

*No meetings on bank holidays